March 14, 2020: The Alchemy of Relationships – Part I

Lynn's newest webinar at Astrology University 

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April 19, 2020: MISPA Myth Day

A Celebration of Myth & Astrology for MISPA’s 5th Birthday

Lynn presents Hephaestus: Rejection, Envy and Creativity at 18.00 BST

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May 21-25, 2020: Seattle, WA

NORWAC Conference

Lynn presents a pre-conference workshop "The Seven Deadly Sins and the Planets," a lecture "You Know You Want It - Sex in the Horoscope," and closing keynote address "The King is Dead, Long Live the King." 

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June 26-28, 2020: Wyboston Lakes, UK

Astrological Association Conference

Lynn presents a workshop and a lecture for the 52nd annual conference. 

Download the conference brochure here: 

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July 4-5: Perugia, IT

12th conference at Perugia

Lynn presents: The Difficult Daimon of the 12th house

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September 10-14 2020: Westminster, CO

ISAR Conference

Lynn presents a workshop "Unbinding Desire: How Venus Gets What She Wants,"  and a lecture "The 8th House Alchemy of Money and Psyche." 

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