November 3-4, 2017

Portland, OR

Weekend Workshop

Lynn will present a Friday night lecture and all-day workshop Saturday.

Friday night: Seeing through a Glass Darkly- Jupiter in Scorpio

The world has spun and shifted, and as we feel it spinning, we try to find our footing. Being in a state of perpetual imbalance affects our vision of what will come and what might be. There are dark enchantments, veils thrown over the world of our perceptions, and these can lead each of us in unwanted directions. How to see clearly in a time of low horizons? The figure of Providens gives us guidance. In one hand she holds the mirror, and uses it to see see what cannot be seen by only looking straight ahead. In the other she holds a serpent, wrapped firmly around her wrist. Her name comes from the root "to see," videns + pro, before, to see what might happen before it occurs. Jupiter in Scorpio calls us to deep knowing to inner wisdom. What are the gifts of Providens? And how can she guide us to see both ourselves and the world more clearly?

Saturday Workshop: Spellbreaking


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